December 10, 2017


To add some of your thought to our creation, it never is too late to contact us:

What you need to do:

Worry not, we wouldn’t ever ask you to give insanely dramatic expressions like in typical Indian daily soap, or rap the hotel’s entire menu card in a certain way to validate your existence.

* Some no-nonsense ideas that sell, to improve the mileage of our clients, their brands and visibility.

* Forget thinking outside ‘the box’; just think outside, bruh!

* And the above may vary from writing to planning or executing! Be it from social media rants to video descriptions to leave letters or anything you could think of under the sky!

What should be your background?
* Chill, you don’t have to the founding scientist in NASA or ISRO. Neither should you be having a degree hanging on your wall in Ancient Chinese Literature!

* Good news is that we’re a bunch of over-energetic folks from not-so- celebrated fields in life. Our founder himself comes with the dropout tag. So those pieces of inked papers do not matter, we promise!

* But you should have your own record of work, either published or unpublished.

* Some counted experience in a field of allied profession (you decide between

Obstetrics and Gynecology; Trump Politics in the US; or Hrithik vs Kangana – Whom does the truth side with; or whatever and whatsoever!)

So there, apply now!