In the digital age, where networking, marketing, transactions, communication and everything
happens online, brands are constantly chased by the pressure of choosing the right digital
marketing agency to keep the position in the market alive. In order to achieve this, companies are
spending humongous amounts of money for the upkeep of their online presence.
Although the responsibilities are different, the criteria involved into the selection of a digital
marketing agency are similar to that of hiring a crucial member of your staff.

1. Ask explorative questions:
If you’re going to decide whether the agency is right for your business or not, then you need to
start off with asking them probing questions about their team, experience and competence. The
main aim is to understand how the digital partnership will work and what the probability is of
them delivering on your goals on time.

2. Prepare your brief:
Before working with an agency, it is important to have considered the following:

i. The specific problem you want them to solve e.g. “We want to increase brand visibility”
or “We don’t have enough traffic”

ii. How will you measure their success e.g. sales targets or Key Performance Indicators.

iii. Your campaign or project budget.
If you’re clear about what exactly the agency has to do, and the impact that it will have on
your business, then you should be able to put at least a guide price on what their services are

3. Check if they Outsource
Just keep in mind, outsourcing isn’t bad at all. But all you have to remember is that if they
outsource, are they able to maintain the work flow consistency with you and the freelancers they
operate with. IF yes, you could give them a go for it.

4. Campaign or Project tracking reports:
It’s always better to work with trusted Digital Marketing agencies, and moreover, there is
nothing wrong to ask them for work or project tracking reports, like tools and frequency metrics
just to keep an eye on the work flow and progress. And it’s always good if you’re agency
responds positively to this.

5. Look around

Remember, it’s never wise to buy all the clothes from one shop. Even if you’re 99% sure of
investing into one particular agency, still look around for comparable rates and better
perspective. Roam around for their contenders; because you never know who could save you
how much. Of course yes, every penny counts!

6. Check references:
Always keep it in mind to check and speak to the agency’s references before you sign their
contract. And the right time to check references is the final stage of selection when you’ve
shortlisted a couple or more agencies for taking up your project.

7. Negotiate a fair price:
This part of the game is either something you’ll love or hate. The best negotiation tactic is to be
flexible to get things done. You can do this by being clear about your terms and conditions, but
have a list of concession you’d be willing to make to get these terms. For example, if the quote is
above your budget then that’s a deal breaker. You could bring it down by agreeing to a longer
contract term or no break clause.
It’s a very good move to insert a break clause within the first campaign as the project’s
conclusion. This will tend to go on for a while, but be realistic by keeping your eyes open.
If the agency doesn’t hit its target at this point, and there’s no break clause then you’re forced to
continue to hire an agency that isn’t delivering. This can be a serious, restrictive situation and
costly to resolve. If there’s a reason for the gaps, then the final word to continue or not rests in
your hands without having to go through a lot of unnecessary mess.

8. Meet the Team:
Simply, visit their office and meet the people to know their abilities to deliver, better. This way,
you would not only get confident but also get an idea about their professionalism and
competence as one.

Today, when brands are investing so much on their digital spend to bridge the skill gap, choosing
the right digital marketing partner would reap in the long run. So, keep the above points in mind
and make your big move!

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